White Peterson Attorneys Present at Idaho Municipal Attorneys Association Annual Meeting

Three attorneys from White Peterson presented information at the continuing legal education portion of the annual meeting of the Idaho Municipal Attorneys Association held in Boise, Idaho on June 24, 2011. William F. Gigray presented materials and information on the methods Idaho cities can use to receive a fair return to taxpayers for private uses of a city’s rights of way, information on the impact of property tax exemptions granted to businesses that expand and add workers, and the effect that foreclosures against developers can have on the construction and ownership of public infrastructure needed to serve a foreclosed development. William F. Nichols presented materials and information regarding assessment liens created by local improvement districts and subordination requests from lenders. Matthew A. Johnson presented materials and information on creation of a stormwater utility to manage and fund stormwater related public infrastructure in order to respond to Environmental Protection Agency requirements related to provisions of the federal Clean Water Act.