Bill Nichols Appointed to the Association of Idaho Cities Committee

White Peterson Managing Director, Bill Nichols, has been appointed to the Legal Technical Analysis Team of the Association of Idaho Cities Legislative Committee for the 2016-2017 year. In addition to assisting the deliberations of the Association of Idaho Cities Legislative Committee, he will play an important role in reviewing and analyzing bills during the 2017 legislative session.

Bill Nichols Featured Speaker at Association of Idaho Cities Annual Conference

At the annual conference of the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) held in Boise, Idaho on June 11, 2015, White Peterson attorney Bill Nichols was the featured speaker on the subject of municipal annexation in Idaho. His presentation reviewed the significant changes made in Idaho’s annexation statute in 2002, relevant case law after the 2002 enactment, and practical issues facing cities considering annexation. A member of the AIC Attorney Legislative Analysis team, Mr. Nichols has testified before the Idaho Legislature on multiple municipal law related issues.